WEBAM is a producer of unusual wooden furniture for your garden! We make: Barrel Saunas, Oval Saunas, Bath Barrels, Hot Tubs, garden houses, benches, armchairs and rocking chairs!
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Saunas Garden saunas we make are very popular among our customers. Simple and functional structure of the Barrel Sauna helps to distribute the hot air evenly inside, which increases the hot air circulation. Our saunas are made from natural and high quality wood. The final product will fit perfectly into your garden!
Bath barrels An important addition to the Sauna is our Bath Barrel. You can use them throughout the year, in the summer it can help you to cool down, and it will keep you warm! Hot bath is a great idea for relaxation, but not only, baths like these have a positive impact on our physical and mental health!
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